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of the website

Article 1.          Definitions

1.1     In this disclaimer the following definitions are used:

    1. Outdoor Fanatics: the user of this disclaimer:  Outdoor Fanatics Europe B.V. located at Hoogstraat 1 in Woudrichem, The Netherlands, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 69830096;
    2. visitor: the visitor of the website;
    3. website: the website  managed by Outdoor Fanatics; 
    4. brand: the “Eurosport nutrition” brand and its logo;
    5. licensor: the company called “Eurosport” which owns the brand and which has granted Outdoor Fanatics the license to use the brand.

1.2     Unless the context shows otherwise, defined concepts in the singular also refer to the plural and vice versa.


Article 2.         Content

2.1      Outdoor Fanatics has the right to amend the information offered on the website, including the text of this disclaimer, at any time without making any further announcement. It is advisable to periodically verify whether the information offered on the website, including the text of this disclaimer, has been amended.

2.2     Outdoor Fanatics cannot guarantee that the information on the website is suitable for the purpose for which it is consulted by the visitor. All information shall be provided “as is” and without any (implicit) guarantee as to its validity and suitability for a particular purpose or otherwise. The visitor is responsible for the choice and use of the information contained on the website. 

2.3     Outdoor Fanatics is responsible for the content of the website and not the licensor.

2.4     Mistakes or errors in data on the website do not bind Outdoor Fanatics.

2.5     The products on the website are offered and sold by Outdoor Fanatics and not by the licensor. For questions and/or complaints, please contact Outdoor Fanatics and not the licensor.

2.6     Consumers can find information about Outdoor Fanatics products on the website. Consumers cannot order the products on the website.


Article 3.           Intellectual property rights

3.1     The intellectual property rights and other rights relating to all information offered on the website (including all texts, graphic material and photographs) are vested in Outdoor Fanatics and/or the licensor.

3.2      The intellectual property rights on the brand are vested in the licensor.

3.3      The visitor must respect the intellectual property rights of Outdoor Fanatics and the licensor at all times.


Article 4.           Liability

4.1     Outdoor Fanatics does not guarantee that the website will function flawlessly or uninterruptedly. Outdoor Fanatics expressly rejects any liability regarding the (undisturbed) use of the website. Outdoor Fanatics is not liable if the content of the website contains errors and/or imperfections.


Article 5.          Links to third-party websites

5.1     On the website there are links to other websites, such as social media websites. The visitor should be aware that Outdoor Fanatics does not provide a guarantee or take responsibility for the content or practices of such third parties or their websites. These websites are not under the control of Outdoor Fanatics and Outdoor Fanatics provides these links solely as a convenience for the visitor. The inclusion of a link does not include any connection, confirmation or assumption by Outdoor Fanatics. The use of such links is at your own risk.


Article 6.          Privacy

6.1     Outdoor Fanatics processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information about the processing of personal data and about the cookies of the website, the visitor can consult the privacy policy of the website, see [Privacy policy].