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15-03-2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

New products added to our range: the Protein Bar and Protein Shake

Eurosport nutrition has had a range of products for use during sports for some time now. A Recovery Shake was also added some time ago.  New in the range are protein products intended for after exercise: the Protein Bar and the Protein Shake, available as of today. They stimulate muscle recovery after training or races and contribute to maintaining muscle mass. All ingredients are of natural origin.

The Protein Bar (containing 24.5 percent protein) is a tasty bar made with whey protein isolate. This is known to be a very high-quality protein source with a high biological value. This means that all essential amino acids (from which proteins are built) are present in approximately the same proportion as in the human body. The body can therefore easily absorb the proteins and use them to repair muscle damage and maintain muscle mass.

Each Protein Bar (50 grams) contains carbohydrates (24.8 grams). The sophisticated combination of proteins and carbohydrates ensures that the proteins are easily absorbed by the body, which is important for optimising recovery. The amount of fat per bar is relatively low at 7.7 grams. Initially Eurosport nutrition will release the Protein Bar in just one flavour: Chocolate. The bar contains puffed rice, which is why it has a delicious, crispy bite. The recommended retail price per bar is € 2.49.

Protein Shake

The Protein Shake (800 grams) is also designed to stimulate muscle recovery immediately after exercise, and to contribute to maintaining muscle mass. After a long endurance training, a shake may be easier for some people to consume than a bar (a product in solid form). It’s essential for endurance athletes to work on their recovery as soon after exercise as possible.

The Protein Shake, a product in powder form, is made with whey protein concentrate. One serving (of 30 grams) contains 22 grams of protein and can be mixed with, for example, water, milk or plant milk (based on personal taste preference). Furthermore, one serving contains 2.8 grams of carbohydrates and 1.4 grams of fat. On the one hand, this balanced mix of nutrients ensures that the shake mixes well and is quickly absorbed by the body. On the other hand, it contributes to a rich flavour. The Protein Shake is available in Vanilla flavour. The recommended retail price is € 44.99.

Natural origin

The Protein Bar and Protein Shake fit seamlessly into the Eurosport nutrition product range. The products are based on the most recent scientific insights in the field of sports nutrition. The formulas have been fine-tuned after running extensive practical tests with both professional and amateur athletes. All ingredients are of natural origin. Both the Protein Bar and Protein Shake are gluten-free.