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Eurosport - Recovery - Strawberry - 3D

Recovery Shake Strawberry After

After intensive exercise it is time for recovery. Carbohydrates reserves should be replenished. Proteins are necessary to heal muscle damage. The Eurosport nutrition Recovery Shake Strawberry provides this.

The Recovery Shake with its 5:1-formula (the ratio between carbohydrates and proteins) is a quality product in powder form, designed specifically for endurance athletes. Mixed with for example water or milk, this recovery shake provides the body with essential nutrients immediately after intensive exercise.  These nutrients are a mix of carbohydrates, minerals and proteins, that has been proved scientifically and in practice, to maximise recovery. All ingredients are naturally based.

Eurosport nutrition’s R&D team has added  Peptopro® to the Recovery Shake. Peptopro®is a mix of scientifically developed peptides, small protein parts. They contain all 20 amino acids necessary for recovery and synthesis of muscle cells. Because the parts are so small, the body absorps them quickly and they work effectively. Your body will be ready quicker for the next training session or competition.

Eurosport nutrition Recovery Shake is available in Strawberry flavour. This flavour profile was chosen as it was recommended by various (former) top athletes, from different sporting disciplines, that have contributed to the development of this shake.

  • Content: 450 gram
  • 5:1- formula
  • Contains Peptopro®

Vegan iconSpecs

  • Content: 450 gram
  • 5:1- formula
  • Contains Peptopro®

Vegan iconIngredients

maltodextrin, fructose, whey protein isolate (milk), milk protein isolate (milk), whey protein concentrate (milk), isomaltulose, Palatinose, d-ribose, l-glutamine, PeptoPro®, micellar casein protein (milk), thickener ( xanthan gum) acidity regulator (citric acid) aroma, color: beetroot, sweetener: stevia glycosides.

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